Cancellation Policy

Cancellation Policy & General Terms & Conditions

Payment should be made directly to the hotel by cash or credit card. All bookings must be guaranteed by credit card, credit card details will be used only for insurance if reservation is canceled or no-show is made. Bookings without credit card details will not be accepted. Credit card will not be used before predicted time for check-out. Please cancel at least 72 hours before date of arrival to avoid any charges of Your credit card.

For NON REFUNDABLE bookings, the total price of the reservation may be charged anytime after booking.

In case of No-Show, Cancellation or Amendments less than 72 hours, one night’s room rent will be charged to guests’ credit card which cannot be later reversed or disputed. Security deposit is required upon check-in depending on the number of nights – Credit Card is preferable.

In case of pre-paid bookings, please do not use your credit card to make bookings for others as presence of the card-holder will be required at the time of check-in. The card-holder will be required to sign on the Hotel’s Registration Form and show his original credit card and identity proof. Room will be denied in case of non-compliance.
Please ensure to enter a valid credit card number. If the hotel cannot get pre-authorization or payment on the guests’ credit card, the hotel reserves the right to cancel the booking without any notice.