Hoteli Ilidža Group


Respected and dear guests,

We want to present You possibilities of multiple offers provided by the spa-rehabilitation and hotel company ”Ilidža Hotels”, and to give You a more comprehensive introduction of our company, established back in the year 1892, unique to this region, which represents one of the leading groups in spa tourism and hospitality industry in Southeast Europe.

In the area of Ilidža (one of the constituent municipalities of Sarajevo), where our company is placed in the area of 40 hectares, the ambience of a large spa park, from ancient times cultivates habitat of high ecological quality and unspoiled nature, as well as multicultural and chronologically layered heritage.

Ilidža, specifically defined as a space for human living, has always been a fashionable resort, ecological refuge, a tourist meeting, sports and recreational gathering place.

Ilidža is the environment which, from the Roman through the Ottoman period (which gave the right name to this place and valorized its potential; from the root word “iladž” – which means “medicine”) until the Austro-Hungarian period, developed a tradition of medical tourism, the tradition of natural healing, thermal waters, and its own healing spa facilities of Rehabilitation Centre Spa Terme Ilidža are placed in the rank of the best equipped spas in the wider region.

Ilidža is a place which offers a modern man all he needs: unspoiled environment, a vast number of avenues for hiking and horse-drawn carriage riding, biking; proximity of urban, economic and cultural center of Sarajevo; spa and rehabilitation center Spa Terme Ilidža, hotels of high standard in this category 4 Star Spa Hotel ”Terme”, Hotel ”Hercegovina Deluxe”, Hotel ”Crystal Deluxe”, which have conference rooms with capacity up to 100 seats and the National Restaurant ”Labud” at the Well of Bosnia (Vrelo Bosne), a place dominated by a moderate continental climate in which everyone can find something for himrself, spiritually and physically recreate, which nature generously offers to us, simply put – a gift of nature / God’s gift.